Psalm 3: Leah

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Psalm to Leah My heart is glad, my heart is full of joy God has given me one of His treasures to look after. Her eyes are clear blue, her smile something to die for Her heart-searching, searching. God, what is she searching for? You have made us one under you. She and I have been glued together. What you have brought together, let no man separate. God, one day you have promised to sing over her So the noise puts a grin on her face and she gets a glimpse Of how much she is loved, by You And how much she is loved by You through me. May she see not the knight in shining armour But the son of God that He is raising To partner with her, under God, filled with the Spirit. Bringing the knowledge of God to the earth. Making disciples and setting God’s order on Earth God, open her eyes Show her the man that loves her so much Not with human love, but as he is filled with Your love The man that is patiently waiting, waiting, waiting. Let her become all You have made her to be In the security of the plans You have for her and her family Show her that You are trustworthy She is safe in Your care. Show her all You have given her. Let her stop searching as You have given her all she needs Let her just accept and rest in You. God, I am so excited about finding out how the story ends!

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