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Are People Hungry For The Truth?

Just recently I purchased a movie from Koorong. I was quite interested in what it was about, but I did not realise the exciting journey it has taken me on. Speaking the truth in love DOES change people when their hearts are open. God is calling us to be speakers of the truth, and the truth will set us and others free. I pray this is an encouragement to you as you ask God how you can share the truth about what God is saying to others.

This is one of Ray's interviews with a non-believer.

Ray Comfort is an evangelist from New Zealand but is now living in America. He has given his life to speaking to people about difficult topics including abortion, homosexuality and anything that people want to talk about. Like Joseph and Moses, Ray was humiliated by others. For Ray, he was ridiculed by the members of the atheist community. At first, he saw this humiliation as a personal attack, but after a while, God showed him that this was actually a door He was using to raise him up so he could speak God's truth to the atheist community.

I love this video... Oranges prove that God exists! Enjoy!

This is the banana and coke can talk Ray did without an audience. It has been taken out of context by atheists and they just focused on the banana section. Quite amusing but this was used to ridicule him.

Ray was christened "Banana Man" by Professor Richard Dawkins. Instead of destroying Ray, many people came to hear the message of Christ. The movie "The Fool - The True "Banana Man" Story" is really worth watching. I loved the real-life interviews throughout the movie!

Ray produced a movie called "Audacity" which explored the issues around speaking to people about homosexuality. There are so many different views on this topic. It is quite refreshing how Ray demonstrates how we can talk to people about this issue in light of the Gospel. Should we respect everyone's personal belief or are we to speak to them in love about what the Bible says about sin? Worth thinking and even praying about!

The next movie is VERY confronting as it addresses the issue of abortion. It links the actions of Hitler in Nazi Germany with what is being done to the children who are killed in their mother's wombs. What is very interesting is the way Ray is able to turn people's attitude towards abortion from it is every mother's right to being totally convinced that it is wrong and needs to be stopped. Often all he needs is around two minutes of someone's time. It is a very powerful movie. Please be aware some of the imagery is very graphic and this should not be watched by children without their parents being present so they can filter images as needed.

I pray that you are encouraged to share your faith with others and realise that the truth actually has an impact on others.


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