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God, Grow Me To Go Through The Tough Things ..... and Not Be Harmed

When visiting Canberra I felt God was calling me to the War Memorial. As I had never spent much time there I put aside a day just to wander around and enjoy the displays. I knew Jesus was trying to speak to me and I was excited about finding out what it was he was saying. After a tour and lunch, I headed into a World War II display of some aircraft which was my favourite part of the museum. When I walked up to the G for George plane I felt that this was it. When I started reading I became so excited. This is the story God wanted to tell me through my visit to Canberra. I pray that this is encouraging to you as you seek God through the tough things in your life.

G - For George

When I first saw the plane I knew it had an amazing story.

It was part of the story of how World War II ended and the Allies had victory over Germany. How many brave men gave their lives flying missions over Germany to stop the threat of invasion and to finish the war. Without these men and the missions over Germany, the war may have not been won by the Allies and the world may now have been a much different place. When these men volunteered to fly the missions there was very little hope for survival, but if they didn't fly then the consequences to them, their families and their country was unthinkable.

The interesting thing about this bomber is that it was different from all the other aircraft. It flew the same missions, was crewed with the same number of men, but something was different.

Even though it flew the same missions as the other planes, was crewed with the same people, it was like there was a bubble of protection around it. Even over 50,000 men were killed on missions flying over Germany, G-For George flew nearly 90 missions and no one was killed or injured flying in this plane. I guess there would have been a queue of men wanting to fly in this plane.

What I really found interesting was that not only was this plane very effective in fighting the enemy, the men who flew it were protected and the story of this aircraft was a huge encouragement to other people as continued in the war efforts to defeat the enemy.

From seeing this display and reading the history of the plane I felt God was reminding me that I was in a huge battle. There is an enemy and I was called to be in the fight so God can bring victory in this world. There are dangers, there is a constant threat of death or severe injury and I can see many casualties around me. But in spite of this, God is showing me there is a way of being in the battle and not only surviving but getting through the battles without a scratch. He is calling us to not run away but as we face the enemy but to know that God can bring us victory. This victory will not only bring a breakthrough for us and the people around us, but it will also serve as an encouragement to others as they "fly missions over enemy territory" and engage with the enemy.

When we read Psalm 91, we find that in the midst of an attack, we can find refuge and safety in God. We are OK when we find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

I also love Psalm 23, where even when we walk through the valley of the shadow of death we have no fear. Jesus is there to protect us. As we face the impossible He even prepares a table for me where my enemies can see! We can walk with Jesus and still face the most terrifying things and He can bring me victory. An interesting thing is that we are called to feast at the same time and grow and relax resting on the green grass! This is when we are going through the most difficult times. Ask Jesus how you can do this in your situation.

Today be encouraged in the situation you are in. You may be at war and the odds may seem impossible. When you feel overwhelmed, read the stories of the heroes of our faith, read books of other Christians who have overcome impossible odds to achieve things that have changed the course of history. It may even be a small thing like hanging in there with relationships that appear impossible. Whatever you are going through remember when we walk with Jesus, He will guide, protect and enable us to be successful.

God is calling us to stop running away from the war but to stand up, trust Him and walk into the battle He is calling us to enter. Allow God to guide you and know that when He is flying the plane you can and will be able not only to survive but be successful in the mission He has given you. As others are watching, we pray they too will be encouraged not to run away, to dodge the fight but trust God in the battle to win the battle against impossible odds and achieve the victory on earth that He has for us.

Do not allow fear to control what you do any more but step out in faith and enjoy the adventure God has for you.

And to finish...... Next to the G-For George display was the remains of another symbol of war. It was of a boat that did nothing to win victory and in the process of fighting all men were killed. The submarines that attacked Sydney Harbour are a sad reminder of how God is calling us not to fight. We are effective, we return from war victorious and we are part of the winning side.

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