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It Is Not My Battle

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

When I woke this morning.

My mind was racing.

God, there is so much to do today.

I have been forsaken by You .. and so many.

And am so lonely, tired and exhausted.

The battles ahead are huge.

Just the thought of them fills me with dread.

I drag my feet as I head into the new day.

It is already tainted by the fear and dread of what will happen.

Yes, in my mind I have already worked out

What the outcomes will be of each encounter

And battle.

God, why can't I have an easy life?

Where everything works and is simple.

I just want to relax, enjoy what You have given me

And just be content in life

Until You return, Jesus.

Then I stop.

Stop being busy

Stop planning

Stop trying to do life my way

Stop being overwhelmed with life being my responsibility

Stop thinking I am alone

Father, that time with you in the morning

Just You and me

Aligns me to the truth

The truth of who You are

And the truth of who You say I am

You have engraved me on the palms of your hands.

You sing over me and delight in me.

You love me more than a mother

With a newborn

Father, You have claimed me as Your own.

Today, when people battle against me

Now I know that in fact

They battle against You... the one who claims me as His own.

Because I am Yours... so precious to You!

You planned my being before creation

You cannot stop thinking about me

I am alive because of your constant presence.

You have even written my life story

In Your book... on Your scroll.

So today I choose to walk in this knowledge

The battle is not mine ..... it is Yours!

Please forgive me for doubting You

And trying to live my life alone ... when in fact

You gave me my life... it is actually Yours.

I choose to position myself

First in You

Then ..... to walk out into the battle

Secure, knowing that this battle is not mine.. it is Yours.

I will not be afraid or dismayed because of the size of the enemy.

Instead, I will position myself, standstill

And see the salvation of the Lord,

I will come to You early in the morning

I will believe your Word and Your love.

Praise You for Your holiness

Your mercy does endure forever!

The battle is Yours because I am Yours.

Today, I walk forward in confidence and joy.

Knowing my Daddy has gone before me

To defeat my enemies.

And bring victory

Even when the odds are impossible.

God, my enemies do not stand a chance

I am so excited to be able to walk into today

And watch You defeat my enemies

Bring victory in every battle.

And release Your plans in me and through me.

Teach me how to worship You

And keep my eyes on You!

You are an awesome Father... I am so excited about today!

Your son,


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2 komentarze

Benjamin Suthers
Benjamin Suthers
11 lip 2020

Wow, that's really good. I really love the honesty in your Psalms, and how similar they are to David's original ones. It really feels like the same style of poetry!


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