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My Identity - Poem

Sitting in silence

Reflecting on the truth

Of my identity.

You actively formed me

In my mother's womb

Not only have You fearfully made me

But when You finished

Your words about me


"Very good"

My life story

Was written

In my scroll

You have recorded for me.

Before I was conceived.

My life is not controlled by luck

Or the hard work I do to attempt

To define who I am

I will come to you alone

To hear you tell me

Who I am

I choose to come to you

To know and understand

The blueprint for my life

That was planned before

The foundations of the world.

I no longer need affirmation from others

Your words of life

That define who I am

are all I need

As I do this

Release me in the world to be content

In who you made me

And then cause me to

Leak your love

Everywhere I go.

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