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Psalm 1: Change My"I"

Updated: May 17, 2020

I started life full of enthusiasm.

“God, now I know You, I can change the world.”

“Make me great so I can do all You have called me to do

In your Word.

I went out and worked hard.

I did so much in Your name.

I think some people were blessed?.. but I did not have the impact that I expected.

Even when I became greater, I still was exhausted and ineffective.

You did not become greater. On the outside I was good to look at

But on the inside, I was crumbling, uncertain and afraid.

And then I stopped. What is the real truth?

God, You are my creator.

Your story is what I love to be part of.

You have made me so I can do good works with You

So your story, as the creator of the world, comes to pass.

I love to know You, call you my Dad and just do life together.

As I walk in relationship with You, I find that You just make things happen.

Lives are changed, situations improve, and people are brought to You.

Fill me with Your Spirit. Teach me to share my heart with you all day.

As I walk as a son of God, cause me to be an integral part of Your story.

I yearn for You to be great in the Earth. I do not worry about “I” but You.

Change my I” to Your EYE

So I see the world through Your eyes

And walk with You

To see Your story happen on earth,

Till I come home to live with You for eternity.

Your son, Timothy.

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