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Psalm 2: What Is My Prayer?

Based on Psalm 57 God, I have been betrayed, hurt and humiliated. Why have you let this go on for so long? Are you not in control of the whole world? What is it to you that you just say the word and those against me will be no more? I lay awake at night and all I can think about is my hurt. My eyes are begging for rest. During the day I walk about exhausted. Have you heard my cries for help? Are you not listening? And then I remembered. Have you not taken me from the miry pit and put me on the rock? How many times have you picked me up from my sin? You have forgiven, restored, comforted and given me hope. Then do this for those who conspire against me. Give them a taste of who you are. Love them, embrace them with your presence. Reveal their sin so they can as well, experience all I have experienced … and more! God, this story is not finished. I wait for you to come through. Bring the victory so I can brag about Your goodness to me. I will not give up till all those who are against me turn to You. Fill your house with those who have come against me. Deal with all our sin. So we can together sing your praise as one. A testament to You, my Father. And live with you for eternity

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