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Psalm 3: God is my Daddy

In the beginning, God was awesome.

He created the Heavens, the Earth and just by speaking.

I loved reading about Him and thinking that this God

The one who created everything

Could actually love .... me.

My life has been about talking at HIm

Frantically doing things for Him

So He would think I was OK.

Other people's impressions of me

Was my mirror to how God viewed me.

Exhaustion, broken relationships and fear

Slowly crept in

Until I was living as an empty shell on the inside

But frantically living a life of what I thought God

And everyone else


Then one day, God took me through the most horrid journey

I felt like giving up

My whole world had been shaken.....

It stopped making sense and I could not make it work any more.


I had to stop.

Stopping is the hardest thing to do

Because I could no longer control my world.

My Daddy invited me to crawl into HIs lap

To let Him embrace me and

As I put my head on His chest

I could hear His heartbeat

Feel Him stroking my hair

And telling me that He loves me

He knows I am human, make mistakes and have done so much wrong.

He still loves me

He is the one made me

And knows who I am.

I can breathe a sigh of relief...

The world is OK sitting in Daddy's lap

As I do, I know as my Daddy

He is looking after me. I am safe.

From this place, the world is a good place

Because my Daddy is good!

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