The Goodness of God Transforms How We Live

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Do you really believe that God is good? Does He allow bad things and intervene when necessary or does he work differently to this? What part does free choice have in determining what positive or negative things happen to us? How will understanding the goodness of God transforms how we live? Through reading the book “God is Good” by Bill Johnson I have discovered some things about God’s goodness that I pray both encourages and empowers you to both see God differently and to have the confidence to step out in life able to trust in the goodness of God no matter what you see or feel.

To begin with, Psalm 27 is a psalm that has greatly encouraged me this year. I would have despaired or even given up if I had not believed God was good and would intervene in my life, no matter how bad I felt. This year has been about stepping up and waiting on God to intervene no matter how I felt. To my surprise, He has intervened in a way I had not expected and in a greater way than I could have imagined!

I would have despaired had I not believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD In the land of the living. Wait for and confidently expect the LORD; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for and confidently expect the LORD. Psalms 27:13-14 AMP

God’s Will – Fixed and Desires

To begin with, understanding the will of God makes a huge difference when we realise that God’s will is both fixed and also refers to His desires and wishes. For one will of God, no matter how people oppose it or work against it, it will happen. This fixed will is seen when we read about Jesus returning. He will return so this is the fixed will of God. On the other hand, the word thelema refers to God's desires and wishes. For example, "God is not willing that any should perish" (2 Peter 3:9). God's will can only happen when people respond to God's heart. God's people must go out with the good news about God AND people must hear and receive and act upon the good news. As we grow to become people who look like and live like Jesus, we actively work to ensure God's desires and wishes happen. God's desires and wishes happen when His children are willing to pray, actively stop the devil stealing, killing and destroying and bring Heaven to be established on earth. So we can be certain about what is the fixed will of God and actively pray and work with God or co-partner with Him to ensure His desires and wishes happen. That is our role as His children on earth.

God’s Desires And Wishes – Our Role In Co-Partnering With God

What is our responsibility as a believer? The biggest responsibility is to bring heaven to earth through prayer, worship, and obedience. Simply, we are working with or co-partnering with God to cause His will to happen. We display and establish Heaven on earth by breaking the powers of darkness, restoring broken hearts, lives, and homes. We are called to follow on from what Jesus started with His disciples over the three years He was with them.

God has given us all of Heaven's resources to draw from as He sends us out in His name. Jesus gave us everything that belongs to Him… and His Father gave Him EVERYTHING!!

14 He will glorify me on the earth, for he will receive from me what is mine and reveal it to you. 15 Everything that belongs to the Father belongs to me—that’s why I say that the Divine Encourager will receive what is mine and reveal it to you John 16:14-15.

How do we receive what the Father has given Jesus? The Holy Spirit releases what Jesus possess into our accounts as we make declarations.