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This Week ... What I Have Been Thinking

I was thinking about what God was saying to me this week. I pray that this is encouraging.

God has an adventure for you to live

Every morning I get up at 4.30 am and enjoy spending time with God. I read, pray and spend time worshipping God playing my guitar. I have this picture of taking God's hand and going into the day on an adventure with Him. He has made me for "Good Works" but these works are things He has made me to do with HIM. I get to wonder at what God is doing around me and in other people's lives and have fun asking Him if there is anything He wants me to do in situations He places me or I am just to walk with Him and enjoy watching Him work. I have days that both happens and that is now OK. It is no longer a desire to prove myself to God or others, but my life is about enjoying the intimate walk with God and the adventure that walking with Him daily is.

Mind Reading Kills Relationships

When working through the Emotionally Healthy Relationships Course, I have have been challenged by how many times I have lived in unreality as I have lived my life assuming what other people have been thinking and even speaking wrongly of them through what I have thought not what has been the truth. In Exodus 20:16 we read "You shall not give false testimony against your neighbour". As God is a God of truth, if I choose to live in this fake world then God cannot exist in it with me. By using talking to people differently and asking what they are thinking I am then allowing them to tell me what is actually going in on their minds and I can walk in the truth. For example, I can say "I was puzzled when you said "....". This allows the other person to speak about what was going on in their minds. Sometimes they are just as puzzled. I can also say, "Can I check out an assumption I have?" Then I can say "I am wondering ... Is that correct?". These two methods of checking what someone is thinking totally changes how I think about and relate to people. I choose to no longer mind read but ask people what they are thinking.

What Is Love?

With the death of Ravi Zacharias, there has been a lot of interest in what he has been saying over the past few years. On YouTube, there was an account of what He says love is. It is very powerful and worth watching. I know that when I met Leah I fell in love and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I still do. This has helped me understand how love actually works. There are two things he says about love:-

  1. It is hard work. Even when you are married for a long time you still have to work hard at loving your partner. When I put the ring on my finger it was a tourniquet that stopped circulation. Saying yes to Leah meant that I have said "No" to everyone else. Love is not free... it comes at a cost. It is the nature of love to bind itself.

  2. There are four types of love. Without the first love, Agape, the others do not work or make sense. For me to love Leah as God has called me to, I must start with agape love. It must be present for the other three to work as they are intended.

  • Agape Love - The love of God

  • Storge Love - the parental love of protection.

  • Philia love - brotherly love or friendship love.

  • Eros - romantic love.

Third Space

As it has been extremely busy during report writing time, I have remembered a book called The Third Space by Dr Adam Fraser. This book looks at how busy people are and that the constant busyness is causing people to fall apart as they are not skilled in moving from one thing in their life to the next thing. As I am constantly talking on the phone, meeting with people and working with so many people, my desire is to give each person in front of me one hundred per cent of me so they feel valued and I can love them with my full attention. Also, the things that happen in each meeting and interaction with other people need to be processed so that they can be put to rest and I can move forward not hindered by things that cause stress and negative emotions. When I understand that I am not saving the world but that is God's job it takes so much pressure off my life. My God-given role is to listen to God and to do the things He has given me to do. Before I start and after I leave He is still working. Success is not dependent on me when I understand who God is and who I am. Success happens when He works and I just turn up and do what He leads me to do.

When I move from one situation to another there are three steps to take:-

  1. Reflect on what has happened to you. Explore your emotions, reactions and what this means to you. Understand that nothing that has happened actually impacts your identity. It is secure. Hand it to God

  2. Rest - Stop and pray. Enjoy the time to relax, give yourself some breathing room and enjoy the moment. Say "Today is a good day!"

  3. Reset yourself to go into the next situation. Why am I going into this situation? What outcomes do I want from this interaction? What would success look? What are my boundaries? Then show up with all you are to love and give what God has given you to give in this situation.

I pray that you learn to go into each situation ready to show up and love fully the person in front of you with no baggage from your last meeting or interaction.

Although the researcher is not a Christian, what he says about transitioning into new situations is very powerful.

Finally... Some things that have encouraged me through the week:

  1. Trump Signs Executive Order Advancing Global Religious Freedom - this is a huge breakthrough for Christians all around the world.

  2. Bill Gates exposed for committing crimes against humanity - There is a lot happening in the world that we have been blind to. The truth is being exposed.

  3. An alternative view to the COV19 crisis - from the Germany Government - what is the truth? (Click HERE for the video of the speech)

  4. Trump Takes Control of the FED - Leads the way for other countries to follow - Michael Tellinger. This is so powerful!

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